What is a casino cruise?

What is a casino cruise?

Have you ever wondered what happens on a casino cruise? Grab your martini, and let’s take a tour on a casino cruise.

If you are looking to have a unique gambling experience, try to play slot games and table games on a ship in the middle of the Mississippi River. Large enough to compete with Las Vegas casinos, casino cruises come in different sizes and shapes. Cruises are designed to entertain passengers on the water with bars, music, theatres, and any recreational activity you would think of. Still, a casino cruise is exclusively a casino on the water.

The type of slot and table games you will find on a cruise ship casino

Different casino cruises like online casinos will offer a variety of table games, including blackjack as well as some poker games such as Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, among others. You will play Ultimate Texas Hold’em on most Royal Caribbean ships and Norwegian casino cruises. Some ships will not offer Texas Hold’em but will have electronic Poker Pro tables (Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line). Usually, you will find at least one Roulette table, and some will have Baccarat. 

Are drinks on a casino cruise offered for free, or do I need to buy them?

For some luxury lines (Silversea, Regent, and Crystal), drinks are always free. On most cruise ship casinos, you have to pay for your drinks just like you do in a bar. At times pit bosses can buy players rounds of drinks so, make him or her your friend to enjoy free drinks. If you are a member of a loyalty casino program, garner enough points to earn you drinks, but you have to bet a significant amount of money.

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Does a casino cruise ship run 24/7?

No. Casino cruises or cruise lines are only open when the ship is at the sea or in the  port countries where gambling is permitted or allowed, such as Malta and Bermuda. Most cruise lines are closed during the day and open at night. Casino cruises have different night hours, but most of them stay open until 2 or 3 a.m. Look out for the daily schedules to know the different casino hours.

What is the minimum age to play and hang out in the casino?

Different cruise lines have different minimum ages to play and hang out in the casino. The general legal age is 21 years, according to the US laws, but may drop to 18 as it is in the UK. For Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, and Azamara, the minimum age to sail to Alaska is 21. Also, a few more lines like Princess Cruises, Windstar, require a player to be 21 years and more on all sailings. If you think you are too young to gamble, ask your cruise line before booking.

Cash or cruise cards?

Most casino cruises allow you to use both cash and your cruise card. Your money will be converted to chips at the tables, or you can change the chips on your cruise card. Windstar and Silversea are cash-only cruise ships. Though most casino cruise ships have ATMs, the withdrawal fee can be too high, so bring some bills along if you are not sure.

What are the laws about gambling on water?

There are different rules and regulations surrounding gambling on cruise ships. The rules on particular waters may be various for a cruise elsewhere. A boat is considered to be an extension of the country whose flag it sails except when it is on territorial waters. Here are some laws about gambling at sea.

  • Once a ship is docked or is within a particular coastline, it becomes subject to the law of the state or country whose coastline it is on.
  • Cruise ship casinos are closed when the ship is docked. 
  • In the US, where the state regulates ships, the vessel must be 12 miles or more away from the coastline before gambling begins.

Do you have to pay taxes on your payouts on a casino cruise?

Paying taxes depends entirely on whether your payout is high enough to report to the state. But this is only if the country it operates in taxes gambling winners. The United Kingdom does not tax its winners since 2001.

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How can you become a member of the casino loyalty club?

Just like on online casinos, you need to bet a significant amount of money for you to be legible of the casino loyalty club membership to rack up many points. As you place bets, you earn points towards rewards such as free drinks and sailings. Be careful if you intend to earn points, you might have higher spending than the payout. Talk to the cruise line ahead, if being part of the loyalty club is crucial to you for you to understand the specific rules of a casino loyalty program.

Are there slot tournaments on casino cruises?

Most casinos will offer their clients various tournaments. Blackjack and slot are the most common. You pay a particular amount of money for you to compete and then you do not have to spend money during the tournament. Some cruises will allow you to rebuy; therefore, if you continually buy, you remain in the competition and might end up a winner. Winners are eligible to win a free cruise or a grand cash prize.

Is smoking on the casino cruise legal?

This depends on the cruise line. Most casino cruises allow players to smoke onboard, with some like Carnival having smoke-free sections. Ships that do not permit smoking at sea include Regent Seven Seas, Oceania, Silversea, Celebrity, Crystal, Windstar, and Cunard. Check with your cruise line to find out more about their smoking policies. You can save a smoke once you are back on land with your rewards.

Casino cruise or land casino?

There are two reasons why you should choose a casino cruise over a land casino. One, you will go into international waters and two, nothing as heavenly as being stuck at sea for a week as you bet and earn payouts. Though the land casino is fun, nothing would beat the feeling of gambling far into the waters.

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