Best Vegas Shows – Straight from Industry Insiders

Best Vegas shows

Known globally as the centre of entertainment, the best shows in Vegas will heighten your visitor experience and keep you coming back for more. Show-stopping Las Vegas attracts over 40 million people from all around the world each year, setting tourist records time over time. Though still very focused on casino gaming, Las Vegas is a city of diversity in entertainment featuring grand theatres and long ballrooms.

What are the best shows in Vegas right now?

You can arrive at the city any time and chances are that you’ll be able to take in more than one or two of the best shows in Vegas.  A large staple of perennial fans favourites that feature evolving line-ups have graced the entertainment columns of many editorials. Industry insiders know the city and its giant entertainment niche, taking a peek behind curtains to give you a curated pick of the best shows in Vegas.

1. Absinthe

Back in 2006, Absinthe was in a pop-up tent on the promenade of Caesar’s palace, but three months later, fan acclaim resulted with the casino upgrading the show to a more permanent stage. Absinth combines gymnastic feats and humour with sideshow performances for a parody routine which is extremely rib-cracking. In or outside of Caesar’s palace, however, Absinthe is one of the smallest but the best shows in Vegas, but be warned that there’s nothing tiny about its eclectic burlesque bawdiness.

For adult minded entertainment round an intimate stage seating of about 600 spectators, Absinthe is funny, raunchy and crude, definitely not for the prudes or the prims. You want to catch the number one show in Vegas, don’t miss Absinthe the inappropriate, offensive and edgy acrobatic show, a true reflection of this city, with its pants down. 

Absinthe show

2. La Rêve: The Dream at Wynn

With underwater performances, an aquatic show that combines fog, fire and light is a Vegas fan favourite. A submerging set explores surreal, dreamlike themes that are awash with high powered fountains, fire-spewing devices, LED lights and acrobatic dancers. There are accompanying soundtracks, songs, full themed scenes and plenty of synchronous and topping water aerobics. 

If your itinerary for the best shows in Vegas can accommodate mind-boggling feats of physical marvel, then you’ll be blown away by the waterworks mixed with lights and music. La Rêve: The Dream is in its own genre of stage entertainment, as only Vegas can deliver.

La Rêve: The Dream at Wynn

3. LOVE: Beatles at the Cirque du Soleil

Many visitors to sin city will tell you how ‘Cirque’ which is French for ‘circus’, puts on the best shows in Vegas. Cirque du Soleil’s Love by Beatles is possibly the highest-rated show on the strip, which apart from being about the most exceptional British popular musical ensemble, is pretty entertaining. The circus-style acrobatic performances are so well choreographed, seeing as they are accompanied by great effects and thematic Beatles music soundtracks.

Seeing Love by Beatles sets is like being in the studio with the reinterpreted icons, their well-mixed reverberating to acrobatic choreography where skits are played out which are not seen elsewhere. Titled the Beatles LOVE, this show runs at the mirage and features work by Sir George Martin and son Giles Martin. 

 The Beatles at the Cirque du Soleil

4. O by Cirque du Soleil at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Another aquatically themed show, O by Cirque du Soleil is full of artistry, surrealism, romance and underwater acrobatics. The spectacularly stunning O involves daring diving and elegant synchronous swimming, a correct combination of worldwide efforts to create the best show in Vegas. Unveiling a fantasy world beneath the water, Cirque du Soleil combines on-surface acrobatics, within the grandest opera house in the city.

You can see O at the Bellagio hotel and casino in the strip, with two evening performances that feature acrobatic dives and thrilling special effects.

5. Magic Reinvented Nightly by Mat Franco

If you are a fan of magic, then this is the best show in Vegas to catch, featuring top of the city’s great illusionists, Mat Franco. Practising the time-honoured genre of live magic shows, Magic Reinvented Nightly is the show won as part of the prize by Franco, an America’s Got Talents season winner. Live magic has never been this entertaining as mat puts you in wow mode consistently during this family-friendly Vegas show.

6. David Copperfield at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

A one and a half hour magic show is the stuff of magic lover’s dreams at the MGM Grand, by none other than critically acclaimed David Copperfield. With years of impressive audience thrilling expertise, David creates convincing stories filled with illusions and wonder, leaving you in utter fascination. There are three shows each day as this premier magician performs the tricks that have netted him 10 Guinness world records. 

Great magic acts and recreation of some of his famed illusions are integral to David Copperfield’s classic show, and audience interaction means some of his tricks may come to your seat. 

7. Penn and Teller

This show has run the longest in Las Vegas, due to its well-honed, sarcastic and never boring illusions. Featuring an unlikely pair, Penn talks, a lot sometimes, while Teller doesn’t say a word and performs the tricks. While it’s not all about the religion or politics which Penn always sounds off about, it’s the material magic that leaves you amazed.

Having performed together since the late 70s, Penn and Teller are like a different part of one person, one with a sleight of hand so surprising that the other has to explain it. Catch Penn and Teller at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino to see their stupefying magic and also get an earful of inside information.

8. Ká by Cirque du Soleil 

This ensemble rules the town, with a narrative easy to follow and the best show in Vegas features a new cirque format that will leave you at the edge of your set. Having run for 15 years at the MGM Grand, Ká involves a story about siblings separated by war. To find each other, the brother and sister travel across a characteristic array of hazards that include wheels of death, Wushu martial assassins and aerial acrobats that only Cirque du Soleil can put together. 

The stage at MGM Grand is also one of a kind, portraying three dimensions features as a different character by rotating horizontally and vertically.

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