Learn How to Play 3-Card Poker like a Pro in These Easy Ways

3 card poker

The 3 card poker game has been in existence since the beginning of the card game that is poker. Since the invention of the game, it has grown popular among players and it is only fair to say that is among the most well-known casino games around the world.

There are several factors that have helped the game grow in popularity over the years.

First, it is fairly easy to learn and it is easy to play. Even rookies have an easy time playing this exciting game while seasoned players enjoy the thrill of the 3-card game regardless of how many times they have played it in the past. Unlike other casino games, 3-card poker is not based on sheer luck as an element of skill is involved in the hand selection. This makes the game not only easy but fun too.

To say that three card poker is among the most popular table games in land and online casino is a true representation of the intriguing game. Here is what you need to know before indulging in the exciting poker variant.

How to play Three Card Poker

how to play 3 card poker

Three card poker was invented in 1994 by a guy named Derek Webb, and it has grown to become the popular poker version that people love to play at casinos. The card poker game is not played against fellow players but against the dealer. You are only concerned with what you have in your hand selection when playing this game and what the house’s cards are. If you make any mistake, this will only punish you individually and not other players like at the Blackjack tables.

Now that you have a little acquaintance with the game, we can proceed to learn the basics. Here is what you need to know:

In the 3 card poker strategy, it is the player who makes the bet or ante. The dealer will give themselves and each player three cards with his cards face down so you can get a chance to look at your own cards. If you make an ante bet, you must choose to either raise or fold. Raising simply means that you should make another play bet which is equal to your ante bet while folding forfeits you ante wager.

At this point, the dealer will have to turn over their cards. The dealer needs better than or the queen-high to qualify. If the dealer does not get to qualify, then you get a payout on the ante bet and play bet is a push. If he does qualify, then your hand is compared to his and the best hand gets a payout. The player who has a better hand than the dealer’s hands gets money on the ante and play bet.

The dealer could have a better hand and both the play and ante bets lose. If there is a tie then both the play bets and ante are a push. If the player has a straight or better, they will receive an ante bonus which does not pay any regard to what value the dealer has in his hands. If the player has a wager on a pair plus bet, the bet is paid according to the value of the player’s hand. How this pays put depends on where one chooses to play their game of 3 card poker.

The house edge in this poker variant is relatively small (typically around 3.3% if you play ideally), but this is bound to increase significantly with an incorrect strategy or side bets.

Tips on how to play 3 card poker

tips on how to play 3 card poker

Your best bet is at 3 card poker so do not play the bonus call without checking. Betting the pair plus option grants the house edge an advantage by more than 2.3% so you should not forget about the times you may have won big when you have not placed a pair plus bet. Instead, try to play in a manner that reduces the house edge. 3 card poker is an easy and fair table game that is quite easy to learn. When playing the game, use this strategy to maximize your payouts. Raise with QX 6X 4X then fold everything else.

Where to Play 3-Card Poker Online

See, this is a simple game and it is evident why it is a popular table game in many casinos. You will usually find that most times the game is played in a relaxed setting where no one is concerned with making mistakes that may affect other players. By following the strategy above, we hope that it is not long before you can make a good payout.

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