A Guide on How to Play Craps

How to play craps

Craps is a mind-boggling game. This is a misinformed perception because if you set your mind to understand, there is nothing too difficult.

Craps is played on a simple layout that has the scoring zones. The game becomes very interesting when you place multi-roll wagers. They include Pass (1.41% house edge), Come (1.41% house edge), and Don’t Come & Don’t Pass (1.36% house edge).

The cashino blog answers all your ‘how to’ questions about gambling. This is a comprehensive focus on how to play craps.

The Rules and the Layout of Craps

Layout of craps

The craps layout has a pass line where the players place their chips. In some cases, the dealer moves the chips.

The wagers are many with the limit depending on the decision of the casino.

The pass line game begins with a come-out roll then the shooter rolls the dice.

The pass wagers carry the day if the roll is 7 or 11. If it’s 2, 3 or 12, they lose. Other numbers become the point. Now, if the roll is a point number, you continue rolling. You must get the same number to score or 7 to lose.

After making the point, the shooter continues to roll with another come-out. If not, he ‘sevens out’ then dice rotates to another shooter.

Wagers can play multi-roll or single-roll games.

The sections of the layout signify different wagers. The pass line is the zone of multi-roll wager while if the chips land on dice images of 5 and 6, that’s a one-roll wager on 11.

The online casino is customized to play easily. You click the layout then you select from these tabs: ‘come,’ don’t come,’ ‘pass,’ and don’t pass.’ In other wagers, place your chips in the layout and command the dealer to position them accordingly, for example, “$10 place on 4.”

Playing the Pass Line

The Pass Line is the main wager in craps that most players prefer. It has a house edge of 1.41% only thus attracting many gamblers.

To wager on Pass Line, wait for the dealer to turn the puck OFF then place your chips at the pass line on the craps layout. The shooter then does the ‘Come Out’ roll. The outcome determines your results

11 or 7, or rolling the point two times means you got it.  A come out roll of 2,3, or 12 means you lose. Loss is also indicated by rolling a 7 before you roll the point twice.

To get better rewards, include a Free Odds wager. This is an extra wager that has no house edge; thus you benefit fully. Free odds wager is a demerit to the casino, but it is sustainable because ignorantly most players avoid it. Otherwise, casinos would be at a loss.

The Free Odd wager is a benefit you get after participating in a flat bet; you cannot isolate it. For instance, after a Pass Line wager where a shooter rolls a number (10,9,8,6,5, or 4) put your chips below the pass line to place the Odds wager.

Understanding the Pass Line wager and the Free Odd wager are great steps when learning how to play craps.

During the Game – Note the Following

Dices and stick on a craps table

The dices used are six-sided, and the figure used for your wager is the sum of the numbers which land face up for the two dices. For instance, if the numbers are 1 and 4, the roll is 5.

Make a deposit then as you play to put the cash on the layout telling the dealer the value of the chips to buy. At live casinos, you buy credit at the table, and you can use chips from the previous game. See the amounts provided for a wager on the lower limit and the upper limit, and select accordingly.

The online crap is designed with graphics for everything: the craps layout, chip images, pass line, and 11. Your work is to click. Things are different at the live casino. You place the chips on the pass line, and the areas labelled ‘Field’ and ‘Come.’

The beauty of craps is more explicit with the involvement of the table personnel – the boxman, the two dealers, and the stickman. The boxman oversees transactions that the dealer makes and ensures that the players follow the rules.

The stickman, as the name implies, uses a long stick that has hooks to push dice closer to you when it is your turn to shoot. He is also in charge of the proposition bets in the middle of the table. The boxman and the stickman sit opposite each other at the centre of the table.

The two dealers issue you with chips after your buy and move your wagers to the right spots. Also, they make payoffs. They sit opposite each other on the far ends of the table.

At online casinos, all the moves and payments are automated while in online craps shooters act, each at a time.


Craps is a game like any other, and you should not feel intimidated perhaps because of people’s perceptions. This blog post has shed light on how to play craps. The information suffices to get you started with craps.

Craps engage the mind a lot; hence this game is recommended for sharpening wits. A game is not worth if it does not challenge your faculty. Take on craps as your new challenge and discover the pleasure of gaming.

Play refined craps to experience the excitement of gambling. The table personnel will deliver the best services. Play and bag generous rewards.

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