Overview of the Top 10 Richest Poker Players

Top 10 richest poker players

A game that goes beyond skill and strategy, playing poker involves highly calculated risks. There are humongous amounts of money to be won by poker players, whether you are at the professional or novice level, and the same goes for losing. A handful of personalities have albeit conquered the art of maintaining calm while calling bluffs.

While they avoid tipping their hand to hold all the cards, ultimate wins have decked them the richest poker players in the world. The table is set, and the chips are stacked; let’s deal the cards as we shuffle according to the order of the ten richest poker players

1. The Elusive Yet Incredibly Wealthy Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian is a mysterious poker force to be reckoned with. Little is known of the thirty-something-year-old king of the pack, except that his net worth is estimated at over $150 million. His personal life can only be glimpsed through his larger than life Instagram account and snippets of the scanty interview available of him. 

Dan Bilzerian was able to make $10 million in one night’s sitting, and he’s famous for playing high stakes tables. This young millionaire has made his trust fund swell significantly, despite his private life being surrounded by foggy details, questionable accounts and disparate narratives.

2. ‘No Home Jerome’ Phil Ivey

One of the richest players is also the 5th ranked in the list of professional poker players. Phil Ivey is in his early 40s now but started playing poker as a young kid with his grandfather teaching him ‘five-card stud’ at the kitchen table. Confirmed early as a genius, Phil earned himself the nickname ‘No Home Jerome’ due to the many fake IDs he used to access casinos as a teen.  

Phil Ivey is considered one of the best poker players in the history of the competitive game and has taken home world poker tour titles and 10 World Series of Poker bracelets. In 2017, Phil Ivey was inducted into the poker hall of fame, and his net worth is estimated at $100 million.

3. Sam Farha, Mr Cool

During the World Series of Poker, Sam Farha lost to Chris Moneymaker, an online poker phenomenon. This, however, didn’t do a thing to dent his reputation as one of poker maestros, having won over 2.5 million dollars in the tournament. A spokesperson for Harrah’s Las Vegas casino, Sam Farha is a veteran of the game show network’s high stakes poker for four seasons.

Sam is also an author, having published an Omaha poker strategy guide and is famed to be one of the coolest cats at the poker table. His nickname in poker circles is Mr Cool and his net worth stands at $100 million.

4. Dr Poker, Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson

The most interesting richest poker player is 58-year-old Chris Ferguson, a six World Series of Poker bracelet holder and aptly nicknamed Jesus.  A PhD in computer science from UCLA clearly shows that the man who can slice fruits and vegetables with a deck of cards is nothing to be trifled with. Chris gave up the books to pursue poker and has managed to accrue a net worth of $80 million from the game.

During the height of his reign as poker prince, Chris Ferguson went into semi-retirement to become a hermit, before coming back and retaking the championship.

5. The Grandfather of Pro Poker, Doyle Brunson

A legend with over 50 years’ experience as a pro poker player under his belt, Doyle Brunson’s net worth is estimated as $75 million. He holds a total of 10 World Series of Poker bracelets and has earned the admiration and respect of poker fans. In his early 80s, and well recognised within the industry and since 2018 Doyle Brunson has bowed out of the WSOP due long hours required to sit at the table.

Inducted in 1988 into the Poker Hall of Fame, he is the undisputed grandfather of pro poker, and a couple of hands are named after Doyle Brunson.

6. ‘Kid Poker’, Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu started playing professional poker at 21 years, and with a net worth of $50 million, his fans call him ‘kid poker’. Holder of the ‘biggest live tournament poker winner of all time’ title, Daniel was named World Series of Poker player of the year two times, being the only person to make that achievement, and has six bracelets. With more than $33 million in poker winning and another World Poker Tournament player of the year title, Daniel Negreanu is a serious contender at the table.

Daniel Negreanu has written a bestselling book named ‘Poker Systems’ and appeared in poker shows on TV, and also featured in the blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

7. Justin Bonomo, Burning Man Festival’s Biggest Fan

After ditching ‘Magic: The Gathering’ card game, Justin Bonomo headed to Vegas. Justin’s move proved to be a royal flush, having won the World Series of Poker three times and making 16 final tables. With a poly-amorous reputation, Justin Bonomo is a massive fan of the Nevada burning man festival.

He surpassed Daniel Negreanu in 2018 with his $43 million earnings making him the all-time most live tournament earner. 

8. Erik Seidel, From The Trading Floor To The Table

A former Wall Street trader, Erik Seidel is one of the most revered and admired poker players, having won over $5.5 million in tournaments. While a significant amount of his estimated $40 million net worth is from assets in stock investments, Erik has predominantly been a winner at professional poker. His first major competition at the World Series of Poker was against Johnny Chan, and the hand he lost was re-enacted in the casino movie, Rounders.

9. Going Nowhere Soon, Fedor Holz

This professional poker player has a placement in the all-time wealthiest players and is placed 6th in the All-Time Money List. With a net worth of over $32 million, the 25-year-old Fedor Holz made the most significant win at the one drop game at the 2018 World Series of Poker high roller game. Placed 2nd with a total win of $6 million, Fedor had hinted at retiring but it turned out that he would only be pursuing other life goals.

10. Former Magic: The Gathering Player, Bryn Kenney

Like Justin Bonomo and Scott Siever, Bryn Kenney was also a Magic: The Gathering player and translated from the fantasy card game to poker. Originally from Long Beach, New York, Bryn is a one World Series of Poker bracelet winner, and his worth is estimated at $30 million from playing pro poker.

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