Are online roulette games rigged? – Nature of the Online Roulette Game

Are online roulette games rigged?

Many online casino players are concerned about the credibility of the casino. Their sentiments are centred on whether the casinos do have probability odds or if the outcomes are fixed.

By nature casinos, whether online or brick and mortar, lend themselves a ‘house edge’. This is the tendency of offering payouts that are a tad bit smaller than the odds of the particular game. This is a well-known fact, and this is how casinos manage to remain afloat even if players experience a winning streak.

However, this is not a concern when discussing whether the casinos rig the outcomes. Most complaints arise after a player has had a bad run at blackjack or a roulette table. Similarly, if the player has had a high number of spins on a slot machine without payouts, they would most likely complain about the system being rigged.

The roulette is arguably one of the most iconic casino games globally. The solid roulette is present in most casino catalogues, and it has also been quickly adopted in online casinos.

When seated at a solid brick and mortar casino playing roulette, a player would most likely blame his luck if he does not land the colour that he bet on for ten runs in a row. They would not claim any anomalies, fixation, or any unusual occurrences.

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However, if the same were to happen while playing on an online casino, a player would be less likely to brush it off as bad luck. This is because the online version is a representation of a computer-generated outcome, and people are less likely to believe the authenticity of a computer-generated random number. The truth is that most players distrust the online version because they fail to see the real spinning roulette with the ball bouncing between the colour codes.

The random nature of the online roulette

The roulette, unlike other iconic casino games, like blackjack or poker, uses the law of independent trials. With the other games, the outcome of a played hand affects the following hands. This means that if a player receives an ace of hearts, they are highly unlikely to receive any other ace of hearts.

This dependency does not apply to the roulette. The outcome of one trial hardly affects the next play. Players cannot derive any use for already played spins, and the number of spins does not increase the correctness of the predictions for the subsequent spins.

The physical roulette obtains its randomness from the haphazard arrangement of the numbers. The player has an equal probability of getting any result. Getting a particular colour on a previous spin does not make it any more or less likely to land the same colour on the next spin.

However, the players need to have some realism and think statistically. Although the probability of landing a colour does not reduce per spin, it is highly unlikely for a player to hit the same colour, say red, ten times in a row. The spins then become statistically related, and the number of times you play affects this outcome.

The random nature of the online roulette

Random Number Generator (RNG) in an online casino

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is a computer program that uses complicated mathematical algorithms to produce number sequences. The algorithm decides the outcome of the spin the moment the player begins the spin although the ball is tossed and spun to give the player the casino feel.

The RNG gives each player similar chances of winning by making it very unlikely for any player to predict the outcome similarly since the outcome is determined by an algorithm the house has no way of using the player’s prediction against them.

Why online gambling operators do not rig the roulette

The operators are regularly audited for fairness and transparency by independent bodies and by government authorities. Failure to meet the standards may result in hefty penalties or revoked licenses. Additionally, the operators’ only hope of staying afloat is by having a steady stream of players coming in. Damaging their reputation by being fraudulent would spell doom for online casinos, and this is their greatest motivator for being fair. If you are still searching for an online casino to play roulette at, we suggest you try our game at, which is a well-respected and certified online roulette operator.