The Best Movie-Themed Video Slots

Best movie-themed video slots

There are some solid movie-themed slots to play at, which feature original footage, your favourite star characters and outstanding graphics. Film themed video slots are based on flicks that have made the transition from the big screen to the top online casino platform, creatively and imaginatively. You can relieve the best scenes of your favourite movies, including some original footage and soundtracks with the best movie-themed video slots.

The top online video slots that are based on blockbuster classic movies original will appeal to the cinephile in you, combined with the gaming fun of casino video slots. Seek for some silver screen action, with older or newer movies portraying iconic characters in their authentic featured roles. IGaming and filmmaker collaborations have also immortalized your favourite comic book characters with animated movie-themed slots.

Innovative excellence is evident in the storyline and incredible environments of the best movie-themed video slots, with the pick of the crop consisting of;

1. Justice League – A Display of Superhero Powers

Justice League video slot

This movie-themed slot is from Playtech, inspired by DC Comics Justice League and features 5 X 4 reels with 40 pay lines. Superheroes that feature in this Cashino slot game include batman, superman and wonder woman amidst other old or newer characters that appear in the classic comics. Wild or scatter symbols are represented by DC superheroes in this slot, which is stacked with re-spins and a potential jackpot

Free spins appear with the flash, Aquaman and cyborg within the reels for the main game, while bonus games also feature superhero re-spins. Land 3 scatters on either the first, third or fifth reel and the activated bonus game requires the use of superpowers to make a Justice League symbol. While Aquaman accords you ten spins, cyborg and the flash give you 12 and 15 free spins respectively.  

Justice League movie-themed slot game developer, Playtech has been at it since the early days, having been founded in Estonia in 1999. The company is today one of the best gaming content creators, an established global software solutions provider. 

2. Dirty Dancing – Sweep Baby off Her Feet

Dirty Dancing video slot

Connect again with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey from the 80s flick Dirty Dancing, this time in a Playtech video slot presentation available at Cashino. Spin the reels on this retro designed slot and get thrown back with nostalgia to an era when disco was king, indeed spawned by the classic romantic musical. You can progress to the Johnny or the Baby Jackpot as you relive scenes from the movie, choreographed to the famous soundtracks.

A 40 pay line slot is sort of a misnomer with Playtech, and bet lines on the set pay lines have spins that range from one to one hundred. Wilds are represented by a dashing Johnny, and can substitute with other symbols except the dirty dancing logo scatters for a winning combination. Multiply your pay-out on this movie-themed slot, while the mambo free games or the time of my life bonus will activate the dancing wilds and the whirling wilds.

3. Terminator Genisys – Fight the Machines

Terminator Genisys video slot

Cashino offers this five-reel movie-themed slot with 25 pay lines which allow per spin bets from 25 pence to a cool 2.5 grand. This video slot is packed with bonuses that activate side games full of free spins and win multipliers, with features that are themed after the 2012 terminator sequel. With matching music, Terminator Genisys is a futuristic slot with a San Francisco backdrop showing the aftermath of judgement day, where the machines rule.

Collect huge pay-outs when searching for John Connors’ heroes wilds, which stack up to trigger bonus features where you can net some cash prizes. The excellently designed visuals during a randomly activated Terminator Car Chase offer returns of up to 95.7%, with combinations that bag you a prize 200 times your bet.

4. The Gladiator Jackpot – Battle in the Coliseum

Starring Russell Crowe as the Gladiator amongst other characters from the epic film, this is one of the best movie-themed video slots on The Playtech game recreates Roman army general Maximus’s riches to rags to revenge story, when Commodus the new emperor murders his family and throws him in the dungeons. The arena is open for you and the Gladiator to redeem yourselves by avenging his friends and family, since ‘what we do in life echoes in eternity’.

Film clips from the epic, year 2000 movie are activated during winning combinations, and the video slot contains all the film characters. Graphics, special effects and sounds will transport you to the roman coliseum, smack in the middle of gladiatorial combat with two bonus rounds with lots of free spins. A bonus symbol represented by a gladiator’s helmet triggers the slot bonus while a coliseum icon is the scatter symbol. 

5. Top Gun – Fly on Missions  

A 5 reel game with an impressive RTP is inspired by the 80s fly-boy action movies and options of winning that will set your pulse racing. Display your competitive streak at as you flex your fighter pilot instincts within a 99 auto or turbo spins. Finding profitable returns on the Top Gun movie-themed slot requires need for speed, notching Charlie symbols and getting the juices going with five combination wilds.

All ways technology developed the Top Gun movie-themed slot where dogfight wilds activate a danger zone bonus round that offers you generous pay-out options. Reminiscent of the film, jets whooshing past are animated against a background of the definitive take my breath away by 80s pop band, Berlin. All the characters including blue-eyed Iceman, Goose, Stinger, Jester, and Charlie, play their fly-bys, but Maverick is curiously AWOL on this movie-themed slot. 

You can slide the canopy over the cockpit and prepare to take flight into the fantasy zone with a payload of missiles to fire at the reels.

Play Your Favourite Movie-Themed Video Slot Games at Cashino

Add more enjoyment as you celebrate in your video slots win at, where movie tie-ins allow you to see original classic film clips. From the Jurassic period, through the dark ages to the next century, all blockbuster movie-themed video slots are channels to revisit your favourite characters and scenes. There’s a chance to re-play an epic battle, or hit the retro dance floor within a player-friendly online experience that only Cashino is known for.