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19 May 2015 Eurovision Fever

Whats your favourite this year?

15 May 2015 Go from Wags to Riches

300 C-Card points EXTRA this weekend!

8 May 2015 C-Card Points with Winstar!

Earn 300 C-Card Points with Winstar

1 May 2015 May Day!

Deposit £10, Get £10 EXTRA!

28 April 2015 Katie Gets a New Chair

Coventry and CHIPS presents Katie with a new chair.

22 April 2015 Monday Madness

Get 300% EXTRA this weekend!

24 March 2015 A New Chair for Shane

Customers and staff from Cwbran helped Shane get a new chair

27 February 2015 Top Ten

The weekly top ten slots!

16 February 2015 Well done to our Paris Couple

Ashleigh V. won our Valentines competition!

4 February 2015 A New Chair for Henry

Customers and staff fundraise at Northampton Beacon

30 January 2015 A New Monthly Cashingo Winner

Another monthly draw, another £500 won!

30 January 2015 Your True Love

Tell us how you met your partner

26 January 2015 Jade Jones visits Chester

Jade takes time out to meet her fans

23 January 2015 Whats Hot on the Slots

Bringing you the top ten slots

16 January 2015 New Slots hit Cashino

Presenting Winstar and Super Diamond Deluxe

16 December 2014 First Monthly Cashingo Winner

£500, just before Christmas too!

26 November 2014 The Grand Christmas Prize Draw

Win fantastic prizes every day!

26 November 2014 Introducing Cashino Vouchers

Put your C-Card points to work!

21 November 2014 Gaze into the Magic Mirror

What treasures will you find?

19 November 2014 A New Chair for Sasha

Margate Funshine amusement centre present a customised wheelchair to local Sasha

19 November 2014 Have You Played Cashingo?

Keep an ear open in your local venue!

13 November 2014 Ring the Liberty Bells

300 C-Card Points for those who play Liberty Bells this weekend!

4 November 2014 1000 C-Card Points!

Climb the beanstalk in Wish Upon a Jackpot!

29 October 2014 Feeling Brave this Halloween?

300 C-Card points to all those who dare to play Ghost Slider!

24 October 2014 Take a Bite Out of Cashino

Play with the Vampires this weekend and get 300 C-Card points

20 October 2014 Emmerdale Bad Boy Turns Good

Emmderdale’s Cain Dingle met with fans at three Cashino venue’s in Coventry this weekend.

17 October 2014 Slot Showdown!

The Spartan, the Pig Wizard, The Genie and the Fairy Godmother - whos the best?

16 October 2014 The Kilimanjaro Hero

Raising £2555.33 for charity, one of our staff climbed Kilimanjaro

14 October 2014 Cain Dingle Comes to Coventry!

Emmerdale's Cain Dingle supports childrens charity in Coventry

10 October 2014 Conjure 500 C-Card Points!

Get ready for a bit of hocus pocus, some razzle dazzle and general sourcery with Pig Wizard

2 October 2014 The Game is Afoot!

Help Sherlock track down Moriarty this weekend, earn 300 C-Card points!

1 October 2014 7 Deadly Sins

Coming soon to a Cashino venue near you this Halloween!

25 September 2014 Summon the Genie!

Get your three wishes this weekend at Cashino with our new game Genie Jackpots

22 September 2014 On Your Bike!

Win a brand new Honda Fireblade worth over £12,000 at The Cyrstal Rooms

18 September 2014 Set Sail for Treasure Me Maties!

Cashino marks the spot this weekend with 500 C-Card points!

11 September 2014 Will your Wishes Come True?

Forget a star, Wish Upon a Jackpot (and get 500 C-Card points)!

4 September 2014 Victorious! 300 C-Card Points!

For glory! Get 300 C-Card points this weekend just by staking on our new slot!

2 September 2014 Praesepe Help Donate for CHIPS

Staff at Praesepe help donate a customised wheelchair to nine year old Lucy.

19 August 2014 Jade Jones at Burnham-on-Sea

British Taekwondo athlete and Olympic gold medallist, Jade Jones, made a special appearance!

22 July 2014 Play The Final Frontier Today


9 July 2014 Cradley Heath raise over £1k!

Cradley Heath staff recently took part in a CHIPS Charity Raffle, raising over £1000 in raffle ticke

3 July 2014 £18k Raised for CHIPS!

Meet Michael Murphy, the recipient of one of the CHIPS charity mobility wheelchairs and special gues

11 April 2014 £100k for CHIPS 2013

Praesepe made history last week when it presented a cheque for £100,000 to CHIPS, the gaming industr

11 April 2014 Praesepe Aim High!

Praesepe is extending its support of one of the country’s most successful sports following confirmat

11 April 2014 The Rock Solid Race!

It's a given that you have to be a little bit wild to work for Cashino, however there's a small grou